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How to Prepare for Your First Trade Show

So, you’re about to attend your very first trade show. Trade show attendance is an important part of any business—especially for those that are just starting to gain momentum. You need to make sure that everything goes smoothly and according to plan. We here at Goodkey Show Services Ltd specialize in putting together expertly crafted trade show displays in Alberta, Vancouver and all over BC. Let our team show you what it takes to achieve success when preparing for your first trade show.

Plan Ahead

Trade shows typically open registration months in advance. That means the more you wait, the more difficult it becomes to secure a prime position on the show floor. Booth location might not seem like the most important thing, but the last thing you want is to end up in a far corner at the back of the room. Be sure to check out the floor plan early, determine the area in which the highest amount of foot traffic can be attained and secure that location.

Exhibition Booth Design

Most veterans of Edmonton and Vancouver trade shows will tell you that a design that grabs the attention of prospective clients will go a long way. The human eye is naturally attracted to vibrancy, so it’s important that you make your booth as memorable as possible. For attendees who have no idea what your company does, all you have is what’s on the surface. You quite literally need to make them judge a book by its cover.

Side note: don’t be afraid to include a viewing area with chairs for people who want to watch your product demonstration. Anyone who’s been walking around all day will find it too enticing to pass up (who knows, it could result in a new client or two).

Know Who Will Be Attending

This might seem obvious, but trade shows generally release a comprehensive list of who will be in attendance prior to the event. Check the list, mark potential new clients and try to attract their attention.

Prepare for Everything

Prepare for any and every possibility. This means being ready for all questions that might be asked and having a plan B for failed product demonstrations. Nothing will ruin your credibility quite like a lack of knowledge.

Follow Up Immediately

Through the course of your first trade show (and all that come thereafter), you will undoubtedly obtain more business cards than you know what to do with. It’s important to follow up quickly while they still remember you and your product. Send a quick email, touch base and establish a working relationship.

Call Us for Help with Your Trade Show Displays in Alberta, BC and Beyond

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