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Trade Show Supplies for Edmonton, Red Deer and Vancouver

Some of our display fixtures at a trade show in Red Deer

When your company creates a product, you must find a way to introduce this new product to your customers. Or, maybe you just want to present your brand to attract more clientele. Whatever your situation, a trade show allows you to gain more customers, promote your company, reveal new products, and much more.

How do you schedule and manage a trade show? Luckily for you, Goodkey Show Service Ltd. provides all of the trade show supplies that Edmonton, Red Deer and Vancouver businesses and tradesmen need for a successful exhibit. Talk to one of our consultants to discuss what you need for a lucrative convention.

Look to Our Experts

As a business owner, your time is limited and valuable. Let our creative and innovative staff support you through the entire trade show process. We’ll use our expertise to plan everything from booths and accessories to design and logistics.

Begin Your Trade Show

If you already know which kinds of furniture or signage you need for your next trade exhibit, call Good Key Show Services Ltd. at 1.877.726.2211. Not sure what supplies or display fixtures your Red Deer, Edmonton, or Burnaby company needs? Read below to learn more about the different products and services we offer.


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Rental Furnishing

Rental Furnishing

Goodkey Show Services Ltd has a huge inventory of rental accessories and furniture to meet all your exhibiting needs.



Octanorm Service Partner International


When you deal with Goodkey Show Services Ltd., you're tapping into a world of possibilities. We're proud to be an OCTANORM Service Partner International (OSPI), connecting your clients to a worldwide network of full service exhibit builders. We're able to design your exhibits here, and then ship the key panels anywhere in the world, and an OSPI will be able to recreate your display exactly as it was designed. And the same holds true if they have an existing OCTANORM display. Just send us their key components and we'll build your display for them here. No matter where they plan to exhibit, an OSPI can supply them with all their trade show requirements - design, rentals, builds, graphics, installation, dismantling and storage. They'll enjoy a consistent high level of quality, as well as save thousands and thousands of dollars shipping and customs charges. Click here for more info on OCTANORM.

 Fabric Printing

Fabric Printing

Our fabric print applications are second to none. We emphasize the use of fabric prints on all our displays as it illustrates a more vibrant print coupled with elegance, with the elimination of white spots and curling at the ends, which is imminent with all vinyl applications.

Whether you are using this at a trade show or a small event, our displays will enhance your visibility and generate a strong brand presence for your company. Click here do download our brochure PDF format.

All POP display Available in 100% recycled and 100% recyclable fabric.



Our in-house signage department uses the latest software and only the best digital printing equipment.

In addition you can be assured that Goodkey Show Services Ltd. high standards and attention to quality will produce the ideal solution to any of your creative requirements

Some our products include;

Creative Services include OCTACAD, Adobe Creative Suite and Coreldraw

Creative Services

Our In-house design team can take your ideas and make them a reality. With over 30 years combined tradeshow and event based design experience, anything is possible. Concept creation, print design, and 3D rendering are our main areas of expertise. Some of the software we utilize;

Goodkey Show Services - Our Creative Services - OCTACAD and AUTODESK AUTOCAD 2016
CAD technology has become an irreplaceable tool for exhibition design for planning, constructing, optimizing, and analyzing.The software facilitates the construction of temporary and permanent projects withoutcomplications. Each step of the process is documented, logged and recorded, and all extra costs and requirements are anticipated and accounted for. The integrated management tool of OCTAcad can even manage the parts lists, weights, and the availability of the parts in stock with ease. OCTAcad provides the flexibility to work more productively from concept to completion.

Adobe Creative Suite 6
Goodkey Show Services - Our Creative Services - Adobe Creative Suite 6
Adobe Illustrator was first developed for the Apple Macintosh in 1986 (shipping in January 1987) as a commercialization of Adobe's in-house font development software and PostScript file format. Adobe Illustrator is the companion product of Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop is primarily geared toward digital photo manipulation and photorealistic styles of computer illustration, while Illustrator provides results in the typesetting and logo graphic areas of design. Early magazine ads (featured in graphic design trade magazines such as Communication Arts) referred to the product as "the Adobe Illustrator". Illustrator 88 was released in 1988 and introduced many new tools and features.

Corel Graphic Suite X6
Goodkey Show Services - Our Creative Services - Corel Graphic Suite X6
In 1987, Corel hired software engineers Michel Bouillon and Pat Beirne to develop a vector-based illustration program to bundle with these desktop publishing systems. That program, CorelDRAW, was initially released in 1989. CorelDRAW 1.x and 2.x runs under Windows 2.x and 3.0. CorelDRAW 3.0 came into its own with Microsoft's release of Windows 3.1. The inclusion of TrueType in Windows 3.1 transformed CorelDRAW into a serious illustration program capable of using system-installed outline fonts without requiring third party software such as Adobe Type Manager and also was the first all-in-one Graphics Suite, which combined a vector graphics software with a photo editing program (PhotoPaint), a font manager and several other pieces of software included with each version.

 Decorating Services


Goodkey show services ltd. has what it takes to handle anything and everything you'll need to make any event in your facility a success. Our team is committed to service in everything we do - from comprehensive pre-show planning, dedicated customer service from our national service centre in Edmonton AB., to exceptional on-site support – we deliver! Your one-stop show service experts!

 Installation Services


Goodkey Show Services Ltd. professional expertise and experience allows us to meet all your installation and dismantle services with strict attention to detail and the ability to produce on time to insure our commitment to customer satisfaction. Read more about our Trade Show Installation services.

 Logistics Services


Logistics - At Goodkey Show Services Ltd., we can arrange to have your show materials shipped to and from anywhere in North America. Goodkey Logistics is fully insured and bonded in both the US and Canada. We offer fast, reliable on-time service as well as an expedited, guaranteed delivery options with round-the clock pickup. It's as important to us as it is to your client to know that their materials will get to where they 're needed, when they're needed – that’s why we'll arrange for this service for you with no mark up on our service. With value added services like priority move-in / move-out times, complimentary advance warehouse storage and on-site dedicated Goodkey Logistics personnel, hassle free shipping has never been so easy!

Customs - At Goodkey Show Services Ltd., we offer professional and timely customs brokerage services to all our clients. We are always in close contact with show decorators when handling time sensitive foreign shipments for trade shows. We pay attention to the smallest detail such as a show decorator’s irregular working hours, and, in consequence, we make ourselves available to our clients 24 hours a day. We have, at times, performed miracles in getting Exhibitors materials cleared through customs. Cooperation and team work are the keys to our success!

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